We are a small law firm in New York, with a thriving intellectual property and business law practice. We help entrepreneurs and creatives become successful.

Our dynamic IP and Business Law firm with offices in New York, New Jersey, and California seeks an experienced Paralegal to support our robust caseload, join a growing the legal team, and work with the Managing and Senior Attorneys and Operations Director to ensure cases progress efficiently through the pipeline. We are growing fast and we need a Paralegal who can hit the ground running.

At our firm, every member of the team is a key employee. Therefore, we think it is fair – and important – to lay it out, up front, what type of person we are looking for and what we expect from you.

Your primary duties will be to (1) support all stages of the legal production pipeline, from Legal Strategy Sessions to delivery of work to the client; (2) communicate directly with clients to ensure they feel supported and informed and the case keeps on schedule; and (3) ensure all legal work is completed efficiently, accurately, and on-time. To be successful, you must be confident, flexible, growth-minded, comfortable working with a team, responsive, and a thorough and precise researcher, writer, and speaker.

We think the right candidate will have 2-5 years of experience with a top-tier practice in corporate or intellectual property matters. Ideally, you have knowledge of the following areas.

  • Analyzing Trademarkability and filing Trademarks;

  • Filing Copyrights;

  • Contract drafting and negotiation in the Entertainment realm;

  • Corporate transactional, compliance, and filing matters.

Knowledge of California Business Law is a plus.

You must be good with basic technology. Experience with the Mac Operating System, Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Westlaw, RocketMatter, RingCentral and/or Dropbox is preferred but not required.

Excellent references required. 

As a precursor to scheduling an in-person interview, we invite you to learn more about the type of person we are looking for and the type of firm culture we are building. If you are interested, follow the instructions at the end to send us your resume.

What are some of the characteristics that any member of our team must have?

If these statements appeal to you, then you may be our Superstar Paralegal:

  • You think in terms of outlines, chronologies, and indexes;

  • You see an opportunity for organization where other people see a mess;

  • You understand that sometimes it’s OK to leave a message, but sometimes you gotta keep trying until you speak to a person;

  • You smile when you answer the phone;

  • You are an amazing scheduler with a sickening degree of attention to detail;

  • You are very good with calendars, e-mail, spreadsheets, word processing, and the internet;

  • Your middle name is No Drama;

  • You are an awesome juggler of tasks and can change gears quickly;

  • You do not think scanning and copying are “beneath you.”

We love to help people learn and grow. But at this time, we need a Paralegal who will bring experience and knowledge in IP and business law. The ideal candidate will be able to take initiative on work that needs to be done and complete tasks with minimal hand-holding.

This is a full-time job where you are expected to manage a caseload, so you absolutely must be able to work *in the office* for 40 hours per week.

With regard to compensation, it is negotiable based upon experience and is subject to review after 180 days. There is an opportunity for bonus compensation for those who can demonstrate their profitability. If we succeed, you will too.

If this exciting opportunity appeals to you, please follow the instructions listed below.


Prepare a cover letter with no more than TWO paragraphs and a closing sentence. In the first paragraph explain what you believe are the 3 most important qualities needed in someone who works with artists and why you believe they are the most important qualities. In the second paragraph, explain why you applied to this particular ad. As a closing sentence please write, “I have read the instructions contained in the job posting and have followed the instructions.”

Email your resume and cover letter in PDF format to hd@luque.us. In the Subject Line, type your last name followed by a vertical bar “|,” the position you are applying to, and one adjective to describe you, all in Title Case. E.g., Smith | Paralegal Awesome.

We look forward to reviewing your application.